massage chairs are good for back pain.

are Massage Chairs good for back pain relief?


The cost of hiring a good professional therapist to relieve back pain can sometimes be very high, and going to massage centers to relieve pain can also be very exhausting. But are massage chairs good for back pain relief?

The short answer is yes, massage chairs can be good for back pain relief. They can help to loosen tight muscles and relieve tension in the back. They can also increase circulation and help reduce inflammation. There is no wonder that massage chairs are becoming so popular these days.

Despite its considerable range of uses and benefits, most people consider massage chairs to be luxury items that they cannot afford but are precious for those who want to relieve tension and pain without leaving their homes.

It is a fact that not all massage chairs are created equal.

 Some massage chairs are better than others regarding back pain relief. You’ll want to look for a massage chair that offers a variety of massage techniques and can be adjusted to target your specific back pain.

Whenever we feel pain in our back, our bodies need a pain relief massage as it improves blood flow, delivers oxygen, and manipulates our body’s soft tissues. Actually, massage gives us relief by losing knots and releasing endorphins, which block pain receptors in the brain. These are the actual mechanisms behind a home massage chair.

Research says that massage chairs are good for back pain Relief :

Here are some researchers’ and chiropractors’ opinions about massage chairs:

Dr. Lawrence Wood : 

It’s clear that massage chairs have a lot of potential health benefits. It improves blood circulation, immunity response, muscle recovery time, and blood pressure management.

Garden State Pain and Orthopedics :

Not only can you ease your back pain, but you can also read a book or watch some tv while you do it!


joint and Arthritis Research, Orthopedic Surgery, Himchan Hospital, Seoul

“However, our results showed that the massage chair is a promising treatment for pain control and quality of life modification .”

Benefits of Massage Chairs for Back Pain Relief:

Doctors say patients with neck and lower back pain can get relief through massage chair use. It also increases the blood flow in effective areas.

Here are some prominent benefits of massage chairs that prove that massage chairs are good for back pain relief.

1: Reduce Stress

In today’s world, when everyone is stressed and wants to get rid of anxieties to modify their lives, massage chairs prove very effective in reducing stress, which causes many more problems like headaches and chronic pains.

 When we are stressed out, our muscles become tense in the area of the neck and down the spine, as a result, it causes back pain.

Massage lowers stress by releasing cortisol and relaxes muscles by stretching them. This is how a massage chair may help with stress-related back discomfort.

Some people even use massage chairs as a form of relaxation or to manage hypertension and get a good night’s sleep.

2: Improve Blood Flow

Originally, massage chairs were created as a primary tool to improve blood circulation in our bodies. When a massage chair applies pressure and strokes the patient‘s body, it sends pulses of oxygen and nutrients to the area being managed by the massage chair.

This can improve one’s quality of life by relieving stress and increasing blood flow in the body. This effect is beneficial in treating muscular spasms, which ease pain in the pointed area.

3: Reduce Inflammation and Soreness

Reduce inflammation and pain Scientific data suggests that massage chairs can reduce pain by reducing the activity of inflammatory cytokines, which are linked to inflammation and pain. 

This is especially helpful for people who are facing arthritis, as massage chairs can help to reduce swelling and pain in joints.

This is especially helpful for people who are facing arthritis as massage chairs can help to reduce swelling and pain in joints.

4: They Are Consistent

The massage chairs can be owned and used at our convenience in our homes, and a consistent practice schedule is essential for success. Massage chairs are a consistent form of pain management that reduces stress, and improves blood flow.

 Massage chairs consist of pressure and intensity, which can be useful for the person who needs a specific level of massage and can make progress with recovery.

It can not only ease your back pain, but you can also read a book and watch some TV while you use a massage chair. Massage chairs are a consistent form of relief compared to massage therapists, with the same pressure level each time. 

5: Improve the skeletal system

Our body’s tissues depend on our skeletal system to work properly and better. 

Massage chairs reduce the activity of pain-related inflammatory cytokines. This decreases the stress on your skeletal system and can improve alignment and increase mobility.

With the consistent use of massage chairs, it would feel an alignment in your skeletal system. That is why when we feel better in our lower area of the spine, we will also feel better in other areas of the body that need alignment.

6: Improve flexibility 

Whenever we are stressed out with pain, our all body muscles become stiff, and we feel helpless. In this situation, massage chairs can be helpful for improving flexibility.

When we are in a massage chair, the pressure and intensity of the massage chair help us to step forward to our recovery. It is a great way to get rid of pain and get flexibility in our skeletal system.

7: Feel happier by Releasing Endorphins

Massage chairs are made to stimulate and target specific areas, and they do wonders with this. Massage chairs promote the release of endorphins and dopamine hormones from the nervous system, which are responsible for our happy mood.

Studies show that having a good mood and feeling happy can reduce our recovery time and make us feel better because a happy mind has a healthy body.

8: Targeted treatment

 In massage chairs, sensors identify your body size and height and then manage specific pressure points based on that information. Once you sit down in a massage chair, it will locate your back or any other part of your body that needs treatment.

We can also refine the many other options available in the chair, which look very convenient as compared to any therapist.

It brings us to another world of options, as we do not need to move our body to insert pressure; rollers and airbags work as per commands.

Guidelines for choosing massage chairs for back pain

If you are convinced that massage chairs are good for back pain relief, then you should consider some essential factors:

  • First, read carefully about the texture and material as it should be durable.
  • Keep in mind the pressure and intensity as anything weak in pressure can not give good results.
  • It should have a preset program for the different levels of pain.
  • The design also matters, as it will sit in your office or home and it should adjust according to that surrounding environment.
  • Please check all accessories as everything is important in this matter.
  • Zero gravity mimics the sensation of weightlessness.
  • Massage chairs have different prices according to specific functions, check thoroughly.
  • Look for better  models which come with long warranties 


For a person who is suffering from consistent back pain and wants a permanent and convenient solution, a massage chair can prove a great and wise investment. Massage chairs are also a great help in getting rid of sciatica pain. The massage chairs are not only conventional and easy to use but they can be used in the comfort of your home or office.

If you have a serious medical condition, we always recommend you consult with your doctor before buying.

Massage chairs not only give deep relaxation but also reduce stress, and tension headaches, increase blood circulation, and improve sleep quality at the same time they are working on your back pain.

There are many different types of massage chairs available with different features and prices.

It is important to do research before purchasing one to get the best value for your money.

Massage chairs can be expensive, but they are worth the investment if you are suffering from back pain. That’s why we can say that massage chairs are good for back pain relief.

Important Queries about massage chairs good for back pain

  • How Often Should Use  A Massage Chair?

Everything should be done in a moderate manner. You don’t need to sit on it for hours, but for a minimum of 10-15 minutes in your daily routine, as the more time you spend on it, the more your soft tissues will become weak and will not support your back.

  • How Do You Know If You’re Using Your Massage Chair Too Much?

With proper use within the prescribed guidelines, you can reap the immense health benefits offered by the latest innovative massage chairs. when you feel that your muscles are getting too tired or causing initial pain rather than relaxing you can stop using the chair

  • Are Massage Chairs Like a Workout?

As we all know, walking 100 miles for the very first time is more difficult than running 10 miles at first, the same as in the massage chair case. From the very first time, you should take it as your first flight, and gradually you can increase the time as your body adapts to it.

  • Why does a massage chair hurt your back?

Our bodies are not used to massage chairs, and if you have an injured spine or slipped disc, it can cause pain in your back and can cause herniated disc pain. You should take it seriously and should visit your doctor.

  • How Long Should You Sit In a Massage Chair?

The ideal duration is for short intervals. These intervals can be as short as 2 minutes, and 15 minutes is more than enough time. When your body is used to it, you can use it daily as part of your relaxed routine.

  • Will a Massage Chair Help Lower Back Pain?

In problem areas, muscles are too stressed, which affects the skeletal structure. The massage chair can take this stress away and gradually can cause the alignment of the skeletal structure.

  • Do Massage Chairs Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, it is possible to lose weight as long as we follow the diet chart, maintain a healthy diet for recovery, and engage in regular vibration workouts can support us to lose weight.


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